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General Information

Homework in the second grade is laid out as follows:
Monday nights:
Spelling words come home
Reading Log comes home
Language Arts or Math Skills practice page

Tuesday nights:
Fluency practice comes home (for those students who do this)
Language Arts or Math skills practice page

Wednesday night:
Language Arts or Math skills practice page

Thursday night:
Language Arts or Math skills practice page

During the week your child should be practicing for their spelling test each night, as well as practicing fluency each night.  The spelling test and the final read for fluency both happen on Friday.  Reading Logs are also due on Friday.  Please make sure that you initial minutes read for your child each day, as well as put the total minutes read for the week.   Students need to read at least 15 minutes every night.  We appreciate you doing this for us.  Finally, it is important that your child does the checked writing assignment.  It is different from week to week, and although we understand that it may be easier to tell about their favorite part of the story, we choose different assignments so that they have the opportunity to work on specific skills that are state standards for second grade.

Classroom Discipline

Each classroom uses the same discipline principles and uses a Rainbow Chart to help create a positive learning environment, and reinforce our classroom rules which are:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind

The Rainbow Chart is laid out as follows:

Red - Outstanding
Orange - Great Day
Yellow - Good Day
Green - Ready to Learn
Blue - Think About It
Magenta - Teacher's Choice
Purple - Parent Contact

All children begin the day on Ready to Learn and have the opportunity to move up on the chart; they may also move down which will hopefully remind them to refocus and help them to get back on track.  If a child moves up to Great Day they will be rewarded with a small prize in the classroom, and if they make it to Outstanding they will get to go see Mr. Kellison for a Golden Ticket.

District Standards

District Standards are available online in both English and Spanish at www.rvusd.org under the "For Parents" tab.  These standards guide the key concepts that we teach throughout the year.  You are also able to see the standards for all the grade levels, so you can see how what we do in second grade prepares them for the grades beyond.